Hey ya’ll,
Sorry I’m a slacker. I just wanted to share something funny… I just got my first letter yesterday (from the phone company). Apparently, my official address is:

Ben Miller
Rua Parana 22
Close to the Soccer Field
Manguinhos, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

I love it… hey, but if you’re in the mood to send me things, don’t send it there. I have a PO box for stuff you want to make sure gets to me. But if you wanna try, and see if something makes it, go ahead… Assume it won’t though. Me getting it is just an extra little perk… =)

I don’t have much to say, except to ask both of you that read this to be praying for a friend of ours down in lapa. About a week ago, she got in a fight with her husband, and he threw a bottle full of paint thinner at her face. It got in her eyes. One of them healed well, but the other is painful and infected… Anyway, we’re heading to the hospital tomorrow to get it looked at, but she’s really afraid. Pray for wanda. And pray for grace as I figure out the procedure, and patience as well…

Tonight I made a new friend down in lapa – little Elena who became my best friend and taught me to dance (I can hold my own with a two year old… some of the time…) as I was leaving, she blew me a kiss… so cute. Precious little girl. Pray for her too… Ok. Good night. As soon as I send this, I’m going to make a smoothie in my blender out of bananas, yogurt, pinapple, oranges, and mangos, and then I’m going to go sit up on my roof with my guitar and drink the smoothie, play a little, and prepare for tomorrow… =) Hope you find something as restful and as beautiful…



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