A Rare Glimpse of American Pop-Culture

So I just spent all day hanging out w/ my neighbors here in Manguinhos. As it’s raining, they decided it would be fun to watch some TV – and since they love American music, hip/hop, rap, etc., they brought over a stack of DVD’s full of different music videos (along with a TV and a DVD player they had borrowed from someone).

As I watched with them and tried to explain some things about the US, the music video/MTV culture, and the way it is portrayed in these music videos, I had this horrific sinking sensation in my stomach… They obviously loved it, lusted after it – the lifestyle and what came with it… it was just so much more overt (possibly because the contrast was so great between the setting we are in and the lifestyle portrayed…

For them (and so many others the world over), this is the only US they know. And I see the attitudes that cause problems and difficulties here in the favelas (violence, objectification of women, focus on appearance and the outward and sex) that are being fed and nurtured by “our” exports… I was sickened. And frustrated. And appalled by the blatant presentation of the “anti-Kingdom”…

Friends, be praying – that as the Lord’s spirit continues to work here that we will know when to speak and when to listen, when to confront and when to support, and mostly how to bring more of the presence of Christ into this community… Thank you all.

ps – be sure and check out the post below this… and try it out… =)

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  1. Now you have 3 people reading your blog. I am a YWAMer sort of , living in Tokyo and an ambassador to Creatives. I read your blog because you, me and another guy like Harrod and Funck. Jason harrod is coming out with his second solo album. I used to listen to them in the Boston subways where Tracy Chapman played.

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