About me…

Stochasticity: the property of events or systems that are unpredictable due to the influence of random variables.
I grew up in Latin America in the midst of a civil war, where for most of my formative years terrorism was pretty much a daily occurrence.

I moved to Rio to live in a favela and work with street kids and be a “voice of the voiceless.”  When I arrived, I discovered they had a voice – I just wasn’t listening.

I studied mental health from a multi-cultural, trauma-informed perspective.  This is how I see the world.

I grew up in a loving Christian home, the son of missionaries – my faith is important to me, and colors how I see the world, and how I aim to respond with hope and grace.

I have a global perspective, shaped by years of living in Latin America and Asia.

I am a blonde, light-eyed man who is a citizen of the United States – pretty much your textbook definition of privilege.

At the same time, I have always felt like an outsider – a hodge-podge of bits and pieces of cultures and backgrounds – one that code-switches naturally and looks for common ground, all the while feeling out of touch and out of place.

I love to read, to listen to new ideas, to make connections between disparate fields.

This is my attempt to create a space that embraces the connections between mental health, multiculturalism, faith, politics, policy, research, data, numbers, cartoons, voices from the field, and laughter.  This is my attempt to make connections, to listen, to learn, and to process.

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