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Congress is Historically Broken

Congress' approval rating is at an all-time low. I am fed up with Congress and our current representation. We can do better. This community needs a representative willing to stand up for them in Washington. It's time to move forward. I hope to exemplify these traits with a campaign run by being completely open, honest, and without the need for negative advertisements.

I represent you, not Special Interests

Everywhere you look in Washington there is distrust and corruption. With your help, we can help do our part in fixing the system. I don't care about corporations lining my pockets. I do care about best-serving our community. We need to protect ourselves from those who would gamble away the futures of middle and lower class families. Our community and country deserve better.

We Need To Fix Our Education System

I will focus early and often to do whatever I can to bring innovative change to the educational system. The future of our families and country depend on building stronger schools. My 'Domestic Policies' section has further details on how we can fix education. I will also donate what I can of my congressional salary to our community's schools.

I Will Not Lie Or Mislead. We Deserve Better.

It is unfortunate that I must advertise this trait to separate myself from our average politicians. I will do all I can to bring honor to Congress. I will build a trusting relationship between our community and Washington. Some people have told me this sounds 'too good to be true.' I'm here to tell you those standards are unacceptably low. We can't fix all of Congress, but we can improve our part.