Perú visits Peru

As an American (albeit one who was raised and has spent most of his life in a foreign country), this video makes me so happy…  What happens when the residents of Peru, Nebraska (population 569), are visited by a bus of Peruvians?

I love watching as people are transported outside of themselves to something new – something different – something (for me) familiar and beautiful and comforting.  I love watching as Peruvian idiosyncrasies, music, food, and laughter (and even the ice cream vendor selling lúcuma flavored ice cream) sweep away the residents of Peru, Nebraska.

I might have more thoughts on this later (cultures, “the other,” or random musings).  But for now, I leave you to enjoy “El Perú visita a Peru.”

And sometimes, it's just because I want to

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Point the first – This evening I went over to a friend’s home and thought it would be amusing to toss my keys in the air in front of her window until she noticed these inexplicably ascending and descending keys, and she would then let me in as she shook her head and rolled her eyes at my silliness. Except on try #2, said keys went off course and ended up on top of the neighbor’s second story roof. Oops. Head shaking and eye rolling did occur as I hung out of her second story window with a broom trying to reach my keys… You can’t win them all, can you? (That’s what I keep telling myself.)

Point the second – An odd thing about favela life… This evening, as I was leaving, I noticed a police jeep driving in. Painted on its side was the name of the community I live in. They come in every day. It’s expected. But I don’t think they really DO anything. Case in point – approximately 30 yards up the road I saw 15-20 people openly selling drugs. Do the police just drive right by it? Do they even see it? Is it their “understanding?” Corruption? Laziness? It’s not right, whatever it is…

Point the third – my friend Josh pretty much set up our entire class reunion/get-together that we all went to a couple of weeks ago. And while I could write my own story, I like his better… Plus, it has a picture of (quite possibly) one of the best tattoos I’ve ever seen. You owe it to yourself to go and check it out… I’ll give you something shiny…

Point the last – and now friends, I’m going to bed in the hopes that my impending cold/sinus trouble/ear infection will just go away and leave me alone. I can always hope, can’t I?